Years 2023-24 92%
Years 2022-23 73%


Seflone Natura

  • The company’s primary goal was to promote natural organic food products.

  • The goal of the Seflone Natura brand is to become known for trustworthy high-quality food items that are reasonably priced.

We Provides -

Natural Organic Food Products likes – 

  • Organic Coffee
  • Pure Cow Gee
  • Organic Medicine

Seflone Natura

Purely made
By Natural

Best For Health

Consuming a diverse array of nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts,Gee ,seeds, protein,significantly enhance your overall health.

100% nutrition

Safeguard your health and build Immunity with Organic Positive's natural & organic products. We make every bite wholesome and healthy.

NO chemical

Pure Organic and Natural Products are enriched with natural ingredients, antioxidants, and minerals, thereby promoting health protection.

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