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We are a group of companies involved into multiple vibrant businesses committed to providing superior experience to our customer’s from wide range of industries.
We are dedicated for providing cutting-edge engineering solutions, best –in- class products, and excellent services that satisfy our clients’ changing needs. We have a significant presence in India as well as other countries.

CEO’s Message

"We will create future growth accelerators and strengthen the competitiveness of major businesses to achieve a sustainable business portfolio." We are truly grateful to each and every one of our clients for visiting the COSMO GORAM GROUP website. Our mission to be the "Value No.1 solution provider" has inspired us to work hard to provide value and give our clients the best possible solutions. In order for us to grow into a reliable and sustainable international business, we request for your ongoing encouragement and support.
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GORAM’s Automobile
Advanced Engineering

Committed to accelerating the use of Green Energy sources in order to secure Global warming by lowering Carbon emissions.

GORAM’s Home Appliances

Modern technology is available at a reasonable price to fulfill all important family needs.Beutify your dream home with our premium quality products.


Experience the world of travelinng with Travola.You will discover the wonders of the world. Travel, Tourist and Hospitality.

Kalptaru’s Global Trading Organisation

Metal, Non Metal, Machines, Parts, Chemicals & Ore

Seflone Natura Purely Natural & Organic.

Dry Fruits - Cashew, Almonds, Walnuts, Cow Ghee, Kesar, Rice and Sugar

The COSMO GORAM Group has decided to become a leading diversified conglomerate with a presence in a wide range of industries for becoming a leading brand from India to the rest of the world, Which includes ZERO EMISSION Vehicles, Drones, Advanced Technology Products, Home Appliance Products, Hotel Industry, Travel Booking Sites and Multiple Products Trading. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Our electric vehicle business will be at the forefront of the EV revolution. We will be offering a wide range of EV models to suit all budgets and needs, which will ensure end-customer satisfaction. Presently We are also investing heavily in R&D to develop New and Innovative EVs and related advanced Technologies to suit this modern competitive world in the future.

Our zero-emission “UAV/ Drones” business is a leading provider of commercial drones and related services, which will be used by a variety of Industries, Including Agriculture, Construction, and Logistics, to improve efficiency and Productivity.

Our Advanced Technology business is developing and commercializing a range of innovative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe that these technologies have the potential to revolutionize many industries in the near future.

Our Home Appliances business will be a leading provider of high-quality, affordable appliances. We will be offering a wide range of appliances to meet the needs of every household. We are also committed to developing New and Innovative appliances that make life easier and more enjoyable for our customers.

“COSMOS” is our brand through which the company will be establishing the brand by establishing the premium “5 and 3 Star” properties to suit all type of travel needs.

“TRAVOLA” is our brand which focuses more on providing most competitive travel solutions completely through our online portal with attractive schmes and special coupons for becoming more  competitive travel solution provider.

“Kalp Taru” brand focuses in multi product trading company which caters the industry with reliable quality and just in time supply of Machines, Metals, Non Metals, Chemicals, Spare Parts and Lubricants for both Government and Private sector companies across the world.

“Seflone Natura” is a premium food product brand that focuses only on natural, and organic and supports for human health with most affordable prices in most competitive food industry. 

More About Us

  • Goram – Automobile, Aviation, Advanced Engineering,  Home Appliances
  • Cosmos Travola – Travel Industry.
  • Seflone Natura – Only Natural Organic Food Products.
  • Kalp Taru – Metal & Non-Metal, Machines, Minerals & Chemicals.
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